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Insider - Israel and Saudi Arabia Killed the US Ambassador to Egypt and Did 911

A crash course in what's really happening in the middle east, and why it is happening. A list of links is given below to document and expand upon what Steve Pieczenik is telling us in this interview. Truly shocking information. You need to see this to understand where the world is heading, and how we have gotten here.

The world stands at the brink of another useless war.

About the "Innocence of Muslims Film and Who is Really Behind It:

Anti-Muslim Psyop Film 'Innocence of Muslims' Research Package

The Lavon Affair - Israeli False-Flag Terrorism

45th Anniversary Of The Attack On USS Liberty - Mother of Modern False-Flag Warfare

On Alex's Referance to "The Ringworm Children" and Genocide of Hebrews:

The Ringworm Children - Khazar Eugenics for Biblical Israelites

Zionist Eugenics Program Revealed - Haaretz News

Who is Directing from Behind the Scenes? Whose Interests are Being Served?:

Congressional Record Regarding British-Khazar Zionist World Government and the U.S.A.

The (Khazar) Black Nobility - The Secret Treaty of Verona

''Christian-Zionism'' and Political Zionism - British-Rothschild Hijack of US Christianity - Chuck Carlson

Iran is Not Building Nukes - What You Haven't Been Told and Why

Why does Pieczenik talk about "Diaspora Jews" in this film?

Alex Jones Talks about Jews that are Really Khazars

How and Why Khazars Hijacked the Jewish Faith

The Khazarian Invasion - Research Package v2

Israel and 9/11:

The Underground 9/11 Report - by Doctor X

Why is war with Iran stupid?

Iran is Not Building Nukes - What You Haven't Been Told and Why

False Flag Trigger for US-Iran War - Zbigniew Brzezinski

Is Iran Making Nuclear Weapons? - The Actual Reports as of Feb. 2012

Iranian Heavy Metal Bands - An Eye-Opening Look at Iran Through Rock

Faked News Reports Promoting US War with Syria - Exposed (Part III)

Run time 34 minutes 55 seconds
Producer Jones and Pieczenik
Audio/Visual sound, color


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